IN PURSUIT OF THE GOLDEN KEY began in March of 2012. The hunt was designed to educate the reader through cryptic verse and pictorial clues about the War of 1812.

For those who have been participating, we are sure that, even if you have not found the physical treasure-you have certainly discovered the REAL treasurein obtaining such a vast knowledge about this great war.


Unfortunately in 2016 we began to suffer difficulties with the hosting of the website and were unable to retrieve or respond to emails that participants had submitted. After numerous attempts, we were unable to solve the problem and the website was shutdown. This proposed quite a conundrum of its own.

In April of 2018, we established a new website with an end to the monetary portion of the hunt in sight.

The hunt is NOT a guessing game-you MUST DO YOUR HOMEWORK.

We have spent countless hours over the past 6 years answering many submissions that were guesses. We will no longer answer guesses. Such as: " Is the key is behind the clock in the foyer of the Anglican Church on Ramsay Street?"  We will only answer questions to riddles solved or in regard to a particular page.

Participants are asked to submit their numbers.

An important clue:

If you have all the correct numbers, you have obviously done your homework.
The key here is-finding the meaning to the numbers. Note: they are not without their own puzzle or ambiguity.
Once solved and a conversion takes place, a sentence will direct you to the key.

If the key is NOT found by the end date-soon to be announced-the monetary value of the hunt will cease.
The $10,000 cash prize will be divided into two $5,000 cash awards. 
The first will go to the Belle Vue Conservancy for the restoration of Belle Vue (a heritage site in Amherstburg with significant ties to the War of 1812).
The second will be divided and awarded to the participants with ALL the correct numbers.

Although at this point the monetary value of the hunt will be over-the key will remain hidden until it is eventually found.
The person who solves the puzzle will be able to simply go and retrieve the key.

The message will be very clear-THERE WILL BE NO GUESS.

It is very specific-the key will be yours-JUST GO GET IT!